A portfolio of custom appearances beyond color that we have produced for a variety of plastics applications.

These use a combination of special effects and colorants, such as our proprietary special effect, InEffects Speckle. We can also provide a variety of solutions for polymer and plastics applications that require FDA compliance.

For technical information, please send us a request info@usaindace.com


InEffects Speckle

InEffects Speckle® is Indace’s proprietary product to produce granite effects in plastics and solid surfaces. InEffects Speckle® is manufactured in the USA to meet high performance standards, formulated to be highly thermally-stable and resistant to most processing conditions. InEffects Speckle® is FDA-compliant, and has excellent light resistance and chemical stability.

InEffects Speckle® is available in many colors, the most popular being black and white. We can also custom-color match any shade to meet your requirement. In addition to the color, Indace, Inc. is able to control the particle size range to meet your needs. Typically, these products look best at 500 and 1000 micron average particle size ranges.

InEffects Speckle® can be introduced to plastic as a masterbatch colorant, as a liquid colorant, or can be added into any processing method. InEffects Speckle® is resistant to the shear and heat seen during extrusion, blow molding, and injection molding processes.

InEffects Speckle® for solid surfaces is introduced in the polymer-colorant blend before curing.


InEffects Sparkle 

A dynamic sparkle effect that changes intensity based on the viewer’s angle of observation. Sparkle enhances products that can be held and viewed from a variety of angles, where the viewer changes position, or where the light source creates high specular reflection. Sparkle can also be adjusted in size to meet a variety of needs.


InEffects Ripple

A static, opaque effect that resembles a blend or ripple between two or more colors. Potential applications include mimicry of marble or stone, replication of turbulence, water or waves, or applications that require an abstract, organic effect.


InEffects Glimmer

Similar to InEffects Sparkle, InEffects Glimmer is a dynamic, speckled effect that scatters light, although more subtly. The effect highly reacts to the viewer’s position, with each glimmer reflecting from a select number of angles.


InEffects Shimmer

A dynamic, iridescent effect that creates a granular gradient between two colors. Gives a deep, voluminous appearance that is highly reactive to the viewer’s perspective.