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Fully compliant supply chain creation and management for materials and additives.  



Do you really know where your materials are coming from?

Product manufacturers today face unprecedented pressures – from ever-increasing stakeholder expectations, to a global regulatory environment that is constantly evolving with stricter levels of compliance to mitigate potentially significant risks.

We can work with your procurement department to create and manage fully compliant supply chains for materials and additives.  

Indace is a leading supplier of high quality specialty chemicals, with deep expertise in FDA and DEA regulated products in the pharmaceutical, plastics, inks, and coatings industries. We are experts in compliance, with decades of experience working with customers to eliminate contingent risk in their supply chains. We have over 25+ years in supplying specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals to customers such as Morton International, Cookson Pigments, Proctor & Gamble, resellers and end use customers. Indace has had established operations in India, China and the US ever since 1993. 

Our customers need quality performance that delivers, but also chain partners they can trust; partners that meet and exceed required compliances.


Indace delivers to:

  • Product Quality

  • Pricing and Term

  • Regulatory Requirements

  • Logistics

  • Inventory

  • Service and technical support

Our business model has earned a reputation for producing products that account for quality, compliance, business and financial risk.

Born from unique risk assessment foundations and rigorous regulations of pharmaceutical manufacturing, Indace applies the rigors necessary for FDA compliance to all our manufacturing processes, thoroughly exceeding both regulatory minimums and industry standards.