We here at Indace strive to be an example for sustainability priorities.



While "Green" products and processes are traditionally viewed as recyclable, renewable, and pollutant-free, we strive for a holistic approach that encompasses all stages of our products' life, from reagents to disposal.

What we provide as a company are not just chemicals, but their provenance. It is easy to acquire a sample of a compound knowing nothing about its manufacture. Knowing how a compound was manufactured, from its components to delivery at our customer's doorstep, is a far more difficult process. We here at Indace term this the Comply Chain™ - not just a supply chain, but one that adheres to our own high standards of quality. 

In addition to colorants and special effect additives, we also manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients for use in end-use formulations, including injectables. We extend the rigors necessary for FDA compliance to all our manufacturing processes and due diligence, thoroughly exceeding both regulatory minimums and industry standards.



Our monitoring of our products' manufacture allows us to provide a consistent quality product to our customers.

Among other factors, we prioritize:

  • Heavy-Metal free, non-toxic, and carcinogen free

  • Treatment of waste water and reagents

  • Meet and exceed GMP requirements

  • Isolation of volatile organic compounds during manufacture

This allows for not only a consistent product, but also a safe working environment not only in our facilities but also for our end users and consumers.

Just as a chef wants to know as much about his raw materials as he can, we strive to know exactly how and where our materials are produced. As the engineering adage goes- "garbage in, garbage out." Our product is only as good as our reagents, and maintaining control over their quality is nearly equivalent to maintaining the quality of our final products. In addition to prioritizing renewable energy sources, using renewable sources for our raw materials is a necessity when planning for the future.

While described as integral to our corporate ethos, these principles apply fully to our personal philosophy. As individuals, we are committed to sustainability and leaving a better world than we found it. Fully half of our employees are vegetarian, and our company cars were chosen with fuel efficiency in mind. To call sustainability a corporate priority is an understatement; taking a holistic approach to sustainability goes far beyond how factories treat their waste water. Stewardship over our planet is ultimately our greatest responsibility, and the awareness of this responsibility affects what we all do not only in our professional lives but in our personal lives as well.